Monday, January 3, 2011


so i've heard a lot of people lately say that resolutions are not a good thing because most of the time you don't keep them and then you let yourself down. i happen to think they are a great idea. what harm is there in setting some overarching goals or themes for the year? i found this little "resolution reminder bracelet" idea on poppytalk and thought they would be great stocking stuffers and gifts for friends. i just got some little red string and some silver beads and made the bracelets then took some card stock and labels and just hand wrote on them a little note about the bracelet. the three beads signify a hope, a dream and a to-do (or don't) resolution. i hope that it's a great reminder of these little resolutions and hopes throughout the year and looks cute on your wrist too! i think it's never bad to strive for goals, no matter how lofty. without goals and dreams, where would we be?

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