Tuesday, March 6, 2012

spring has sprung.

or so it seems in minneapolis today! it's beautiful, sunny, warm, and has that smell of the first spring thaw. excellent. with all this lovely weather, i can't help but get excited for what the warm weather has in store. so, a list of things i'm digging/excited for this spring:

- listen to more k-pop (because really, it's just so fun and ridiculous; thanks JOE).
- ride my bike every day, for 30 days. a former coworker started this awesome idea; whoever you are, wherever you are, ride your bike at least once every day. for some reason i've developed a fear of riding my bike in bike-friendly minneapolis. it's time to squash that fear, right? so here we go, red and white schwinn; me, you and the city.
- read more books (good ones that aren't just George R.R. Martin, Bret Easton Ellis or Guns, Germs & Steel which is taking me forever to finish).
- help one of my best friends plan her gorgeous and undoubtedly fun wedding (inspiration?)
- bake more pies. practice makes perfect and one of these years i'll win a state fair ribbon.
- become a strategist so i actually enjoy work. not sure how to do this, but i'm compiling a list of books to read and have a tentative game-plan. the tricky part is how to jump careers??
- conduct an experiment: what will doing 6-minute abs every day do for my mid-region? we will see. (for those curious about 6-minute abs, it's quite simple and quite effective: minute 1: crunches, minute 2: legs to one side, crunch up to the ceiling, minute 3: legs to other side, crunch up to the ceiling, minute 4: legs straight up in the air, crunch up to the ceiling, minute 5: legs stretched out flat on the ground, crunch up to the ceiling, minute 6: low and slow bicycle crunches)
- i've always wanted to do a minnesota history tour. places of interest include: f. scott fitzgerald's house, the kensington rune stone, farmsteads anywhere, native american ruins, etc.
- get outside. get outside. GET OUTSIDE. i do live next to a lovely park, and do live a hot second away from a beautiful chain of lakes. just a pleasant reminder to make the most of it this spring!
- continue to listen to (what i believe) is good music. sisters, let's keep sending mixes or good songs we're hearing!
- try not to spoil mini-mac rotten when she's born (this will be SUPER TOUGH, but i'll try and refrain from molding her into a Lord of the Rings-lover and clown-hater).
- try and use the technology we have (achem IPAD FACETIME achem) to keep in touch with sisters afar so i can see their beautiful faces and hear their beautiful voices (and of course see mini mac TONS AND TONS).
- cook dinner more; as in veggies and meat. mmmmm.
- be open to meeting people but continue being ok as a bachelorette (despite pining away for the coolest, smartest, and handsomest tall, bearded computer nerd i've ever met).

lots to look forward to. and now i will daydream whilst listening to lovely andrew bird.

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  1. I love your writing... and ideas and thoughts, annie. you should be a writer... or strategist.... use your talents! you have many. XO.