Monday, March 28, 2011

what a weekend.

this weekend was random, to say the least. random but fun. i had the day off on Friday so i finally picked up this kitchen cart from IKEA that i've been waiting for. FINALLY i have a bar in my apartment! i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

that afternoon i went down to northfield to spend the afternoon with my little sister. we had fun going into "antiques of northfield" to find a few gems such as vintage pink glass, some awesome vintage liquor decanters, a little pocketwatch pin, and a few other things. we had a great time!

on saturday i spent the afternoon with my 94 yr old grandma, noni. per her suggestion, we had a little glass of wine around 3:30 because "it's five o'clock somewhere!" spending time talking with her was JUST what i needed on saturday. i was in a bit of a funk for some reason, and talking with her about life and culture and interests was just the sort of pick-me-up i needed to kind of reinvigorate me. i always love hearing noni's thoughts on different situations in life or her comments on the ways of the modern world. she's quite the remarkable lady and i'm lucky to get to spend time with her :)

yesterday i was criticized for my taste in books which was annoying. i walked up to this local used book store and found my selections (historical war fiction, mostly, but a few that ive always wanted to read too) and the uppity store clerk said "are those for your grandpa?" to which i replied "absolutely not- these are for me." thanks for judging me, hipster man. shows you to judge me by my cover! ha. i also saw the movie "jane eyre" with my coworker friend which was delightful- dark, moody, dramatically romantic, sigh. highly suggest it! the night ended with trivia with anne, jim and vanessa. while we didn't know much about smurfs and had a tough time with the ncaa basketball logos, we had fun. the perfect end to a random but fulfilling weekend.