Thursday, April 14, 2011

bus buddies.

one of the great things about taking the bus is seeing and getting to know the regulars. i find these random people fascinating. so without further ado, i will share some of my favorites:

"typical target," aka TT. this woman is such the stereotypical target employee; carries no less than 4 bags every day, all of which have some sort of target bullseye on them. clearly her lunch bag, work bag, purse, gym bag, etc. she also is your typical midwest corporate girl; nice watch, lots of make-up. today she was talking to a guy (who i'm guessing is a coworker of hers) about her recent trip to california with some college girls since they are all turning 30 in 2011. apparently they did a 7 hour vineyard tour and got drunk in the first hour. she also seems to have some sensitivities to marriage since she was talking smack about one of her friends who is "just getting married to be married but at least she found a husband which is more than i can say" (followed by an awkward self-conscious giggle). if she follows the typical target female employee psychographics, she's probably trying to find a corporate target husband or earn her "mrs" in business school. no ring for TT, but i bet she wants one.

"hipster plaid couple," aka HPC. the HPC have been riding the bus with me since the beginning. i only recently found out that they live in the building 2 doors down from me. the HPC is a little older; probably mid-late thirties. tall man with large chunky eyeglasses and a short asian woman who always wears plaid and has an adorable smile. they are married and i wonder what their jobs are since they take the 4 downtown. today it was freezing and i stopped in to get a little hot tea at the coffee shop a block away. lo and behold, HPC bopped on in! we exchanged friendly minnesotan smiles and a "goodmorning." while i was fixing my tea, i heard her tell the barista that she was pregnant! i was awkwardly excited for HPC! i wanted to congratulate them but held off for fear of sounding too weird and creepy. they are just so adorable and the man is so chivalrous towards her- holds her hand to help her on the bus every day, shields her from the harsh winter wind, stands so she can take the open seat. i really like them and perhaps will strike up a conversation to actually know their names someday. in the meantime, i'm happy for their little bun in the oven.

"frosty lawyer," aka FL. i started seeing FL about a month or two ago. we usually are on the morning and evening bus together so i get a double dose each day. one of the first days i encountered FL, she was having a very loud chat with another random. what i gather is this: she is VERY proud of the fact that she is a full-on lawyer, she is also very braggy about her schooling and the fact that she is the youngest and only female at her firm (can't remember which firm it is for the life of me). she has a very severe face and look and is pretty plain. she tries to have glimpses of color and funky fashion, but it just looks awkward and forced. my guess is she would like to loosen up a little bit but just has a hard time doing so. i also saw what she was listening to one day; kanye west's "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy." a little surprise there- didn't think she would be into rap, but i stand corrected. FL seems like a nice gal, probably early 30s. i imagine she's fought her way to where she is on wit and confidence and now that she's got her career in place is probably lonely for a little companionship but i can see her turning down any guy that came her way to focus on work.

more to come, but those are the most intriguing. ahhh people watching; what a glorious game you are.


  1. I like your observations, OAG... Olson Advertising girl.

  2. Love this! Miss riding the bus! Always interesting!