Monday, April 25, 2011

i would love to climb with you.


On a sunny summer morning;
Early as the dew was dry,
Up the hill I went a berrying;
Need I tell you-tell you why?

Farmer Davis had a daughter,
And it happened that I knew,
On each sunny morning,
Up the hill went berrying too.

Lonely work is picking berries,
So I joined her on the hill;
"Jenny, dear," said I, "your basket's
Quite too large for one to fill,"

So, we staid-we two- to fill it,
Jenny talking-I was still-
Leading where the hill was steep
Picking berries up the hill.

"This is up hill work," said Jenny;
"So is life," said I; "shall we
Climb it up alone, or Jenny,
Will you come and climb with me?"

Redder than the blushing berries
Jenny's cheeks a moment grew,
While, without delay, she answered,
“I would love to climb with you.”

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